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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Chris4321, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Chris4321

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    I’ve been slowly trying work on adding more detail with my fett in hopes to get Infamous status (though I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a servo to work with my head in the bucket) and slowly progressing in hopes to get Mando mercs approved for there canon costumes.

    Shout out to tenntalim for the help and guidance <3.

    I did some work with my bucket yesterday
    1. Added the faint rust and yellow spots around the back and near the stalk
    2. Added more spatter around the right cheek/ mandible / earcap

    Some pictures ( I am bad with doing before and after here’s just after)





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  2. tennantlim

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    Looks great brother. I see you got the crayon to stick.
  3. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Damn those stinking crayons
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  4. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Had a symphony event with the garrison, I had a great time! Nothing like easy events either. For whatever reason my pictures never catch the chest display lol. Will upload more later

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  5. Chris4321

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    Picked up a ROTJ sidewinder from Cerillo and had him customize the half scope for me. He also weathered it too, glad to have this in my arsenal. Hyperfirm for trooping, sidewinder for mantle piece / professional photo shoots.



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  6. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Here are some new pictures after getting my new shoulders from BM. Also, its just an overall update how things have changed since my 501st legion photos


    Left Side.jpeg

    Right Side.jpeg


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