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  1. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Hello TDH!

    I am getting down to the last couple things needed for my SE Promo fett after a year of working on it. I thought I would post on here while I am attempting to get my 501st Membership here in the next couple weeks. The CRL for the Special Edition Fett has recently been complete which has been able to help guide me on the last finishing touches that was needed for my Fett as SE has tons of different parts. I will try and label my build list off memory as I stopped updating my notes that I saved.

    I am 5'10 / 230 Pds

    Build List:

    Helmet: Custom Mold for SE from Uhbif / Painted by a friend of Uhbif
    Armor / Cod / Kidnet / Knees / Shoulder Bells : RKD V1 / Painted by 22sspit
    Gauntlets: Left is Bobmaker / Right is RKD / Painted by Lou
    Jetpack: V1 mold / Painted by Lou
    Harness: Bigdane / Real Webbing ~ Real Divers Buckle
    Girth Belt: Woodman
    Belt: Unknown(Bought on TDH) 14 pouches / Painted by 22sspit
    Gloves: Mike M run
    Soft Parks: Arkady / Weathered by 22sspit and myself
    Boots: MoW S12 / Weathered by Itrooper
    Shin Tools: Bobamaker / Painted by Itrooper
    Blaster: Custom made by HFX for SE (half Scope for Promo shoot) / Painted by a personal friend of mine

    Note: All items that are possible to have aluminum upgrades are from Dakota / RKD. Few things off hand I will be doing this weekend will be getting the chest display up and running (wire is hanging out in pictures) Adjust the armor more, Shortening the Cape length. My pictures aren't the best (Cell phone / bad lighting ) and I will be posting some professional photos in the next couple weeks. BTW the corgis love Fett too! I look forward to hearing everyones feedback! thanks!

    Media for user: Chris4321 | Boba Fett Costume and Prop Maker Community - The Dented Helmet
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  2. MythicalFett

    MythicalFett New Member

    Nice setup!
  3. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    My submission photos, some of the stuff wasn't perfectly centered, though I think it should be okay! I am currently waiting to hear back!




    Side 2.jpg

    Side Fett.jpg




    Side 2.jpg

    Side Fett.jpg
  4. WhyItMatterz

    WhyItMatterz Member

    Looking good. Good luck on your submission!
  5. 22ssplt

    22ssplt Active Member

    You look great buddy!
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  6. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Whoops! Forgot to put I got approved 2 weeks ago! I am super excited to be apart of this great community!

    Weathered my gauntlets to be more specific! I am happy with how the turned out ( I messed up a tad bit on the right gauntlet). Added the red to my Darts also.

    I bought a kit for my chest display / adding fans to my bucket from Dbickel. Lastly, I bought a winbridge wireless mic / amp that works really well and highly recommend for a wireless setup!






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  7. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Hello my fellow hunters!

    I officially have my first troop on Friday for the premiere of Last Jedi and decided to use today to make certain adjustments and finishes to my costume. I got my light beacon from JC27 up and running for the pack, my one in all attachment kit from Dbickle for my fans and chest display ( works wonders and has everything ran on one battery), Put black rings around my knee darts (originally blue) , I finished touching up my gauntlets to match visual reference better, got my working lightup RF that matches sequence and lastly I rearranged my chest armor to give a more flat appearance. Will be redoing the right knee after this troop to match the left one better.

    Fett body 1.jpeg

    fett body 2.jpeg

    fett body 3.jpeg
  8. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Looks Great !! Very Nice Job !!
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  9. lolthatisme

    lolthatisme Jr Member

    looks really good, nice work man
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  10. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Thanks guys for the support!

    Merry Christmas my fellow hunters!
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  11. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    The same to you and your family, and also Happy New Year !!!
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  12. Looks great! Very helpful to my own build, so thanks!
  13. SPY007

    SPY007 Active Member

    Everything looks great, but your helmet sits low. Add an inch more padding...
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  14. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Yeah, this is something I’ve fought with to let my neck appear more then it does. I’ve added padding and removed padding over and over. If I add more padding you’ll see my chin stick out looking at me from the side which I cannot stand. Another thing that doesn’t help is that my traps make the vest and collar stick up even higher making less neck visible. So in all, I have it where it’s comfortable for me trooping in and doesn’t expose anything, just looks lower.
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  15. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    The cons of being a lifter. ;)
  16. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Lolol, ain't that the truth. I've tried my best trying to make Fett look how its supposed too but its nearly impossible for my build. So I just deal with what I have :p
  17. deathxcircle

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  18. SPY007

    SPY007 Active Member

    Post a pic w/ the extra padding. I had the same problem. I think a little chin still look better than no neck
  19. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Hello my Fellow Hunters

    Been working on the costume more as I wanted to change a couple things.

    1. I wanted different knees. I wanted some a bit smaller and ones that had the matching dent on the left knee. So I pulled the trigger and ordered some from Daz. They will be fully painted and weathered.

    2. I’ve been wanting to touch up my JP to match more visual reference for the promo shoot SE fett.

    Added the photo for visual reference, my old JP and the new one.

    For the new one I still need to add the rivet below the golden scratch and the paint that goes around it. I’ve ordered a 3 prong female to go on the left side and with the information from Daz I will be making my own white push button switch that goes on the right side.

    That’s it for now! Will post what it looks when it’s done



  20. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Might want to paint the stabilizer base... its blue on the SE pack.
  21. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Good eye my friend! I’ll just have to see if I can locate the floquil that Lou uses. It’s discountined
  22. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    I got my 3 prong mic jack in and made my own push button switch. I added the rivet to the jetpack marching visual reference.

    The 3 prong was bought on amazon...I scuffed it with a scotchbright and rattlecanned it black x2 and put a matte finish on it.

    The Push button switch I used a brass 1/4 nut and a nylon spacer 1/4. The nylon spacer was hollow in the middle so I used a 3M product called super fast and filled it. The brass nut was too thick so I filed it down with a belt sander and burrd the threads out making an elongated hole. I JB welded the spacer and nut together. Took a cut off wheel and took the excess spacer off to match visual reference that I attached.

    Lastly, I touched up spots on the JP to match visual reference. I sprayed a light matte finish on the JP. I am happy with the result but some mistakes were made that I learned from. The JP blue is FloQuil Light blue in color, which is discontinued and is hard to come by. So I looked at the color chart and Floquils light blue is the equivalent to Tamiyas Medium Blue. I will be receiving that on Tuesday, which will allow me (hopefully that color matches) to paint the base of the stabilizer and be done with this project.




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  23. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    Sunlight picture!

    Had a great day today..from 15 degrees to 70 degrees. Great day to BBQ!


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  24. Builder

    Builder Member

    Chris....Hi, I answered the question you asked me about construction of the kidney--cod armor belt on my site. Hope it was clear and helps you out
    if you decide to try it. Good luck.
  25. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    Everything looks great man! With your build you kinda look like the power of the force Fett figure from '95...thats pretty bad ass ha!

    2536579.jpg Boba_Fett_with_Sawed-Off_Blaster_Rifle_and_Jet_Pack_(69582)_P.gif

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