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Below is my near 25 year journey to a "good" Fett. Is this procrastination or what?

Not striving for 501st verification, just for display. Currently with the ROTJ-SE variant (although the helmet is more Pre-Pro 3 but still nice). What started off as a throw together costume for medical school skit back in the 1990s is now this. Was a DP 1995 standard bucket, then a DP Fett Deluxe fiberglass, and now a custom fiberglass bucket.
Beautiful metal painted chest armor replaced my original Richie Bohach/Richiesarmor Sintra armor
BobaMaker flight suit and shoulder bells
Richiesarmor shin tools (or possibly Mark Bradley/BradleyFett?) and early jetpack kit (with upgraded aluminum stabilizer and beacon) /ankle spats
Mark Cheng boots
Painted horse saddle girth
Original gauntlets were replaced with... I don't know the gauntlets maker... I purchased, did some minor assembly and painted myself.
Resin and metal with PVC blaster kit (not pictured)

Need some encouragement to finish the left knee pad, finish detailing the collar and back plate, re-paint the codpiece, get some accurate Wookiee scalps, and weather the boots... because, you know... 25 FRIGGIN' YEARS??!!!

P.S. Not sure if Richie and Mark are still around, but back in the day they were some of the few to turn to and get started with a Fett ensemble. Although screen accuracy was not quite there yet (and has since been surpassed by others), what they provided back then was wonderful for its time!


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You have a nice suit so far. Because your build is not for the 501st, I won't nitpick, but for the ROTJ SE you should consider the following: The right gauntlet and your missing left knee are from the Pre-Pro #2 suit, although the whipcord was changed to the ROTJ version and the Eveready minilight was discarded:
PP2 To ROTJ Gauntlets.jpg
PP2 to ROTJ SE Left Knee.png

The ammo belt should have 14 pouches and not 8 as the ROTJ has/had:
ROTJ SE 14 Ammo Pouches.jpg
A nice little display you got there! I've got a ROTJ Hero myself. So I can't offer too much advice here. I just wanted to pop in and say that I also have a '95 DP bucket! I Love that thing when my girlfriend (now wife) got it for me back in '95 as a Christmas gift! My intention was to take it and use it for my setup, but after having landed here, decided it wouldn't make the cut. I even went so far as to dremel out the painted black plastic part of the visor with the intention of putting in a precut welders visor. which I'll finish one day.

Again, I've got a ROTJ Hero, with all of the hard parts (Helmet, Armor, Gauntlets and JP) coming from Boba Maker. One things I did note about the SE variant vs the ROTJ Hero (And RafalFett already mentioned it) were the whipcords (or hoses as I call them). I noted that there is only one hose and NOT 3 on the left gauntlet when looking at an SE, like we see on the ROTJ Hero. And also there is one hose connected to the right gauntlet rocket - which for me personally, I wasn't a huge fan of, but to each their own. Below is the 501st iteration of what the ROTJ SE looks like.

501st, ROTJ SE.png

Good luck on finally buttoning this up after 25 years! Looking forward to seeing the completed product!

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