Chest armor utilizing magnet attachment method


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I think you will find that these magnets are great for things that are 'pulled' but they have very little strength when the force is in the form of a lateral sheer.


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I don't know if I'll finally use this option against Snaps or velcro... Seems that this solution is great but has someone changed from Snaps or velcro to this option? Thoughts?

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I was rhinking of using Rivets.once i have my armor stenciled on the inside of my vest i was going to use my dremel to make the holes and the pop the rivets into my armor and plates...this way it wont be moving or displacing...any thoughts about this method?
So, I've been utilizing the magnet method for over 2 years now. Here is my personal experience:

1.) The more you use, the more opportunity there is for the magnets to stick to each other and potentially damage your paint/armor. This is especially applicable when storing the pieces in your crate. This is mostly in regard to the shoulder bells and chest pieces. I recommend vertical strips of Velcro on the shoulder bells to keep them from flaring out. These are typically light and durable pieces and do not necessitate magnets.

2.) The knee armor is an ideal place for a single magnet on the front side of each piece. My FP knees are fairly fragile, especially since I use heavy, metal greeblies. The magnets take all of the weight, leaving the elastic bands in place for aesthetic purposes only.

3.) My collar and back piece are separate, and though I use screws, the collar has a tendency to pull against my neck with the weight of my jet pack. Using magnets on the collar hold it well in place, making for a more comfortable troop. I suggest stronger magnets for these type of high strain areas.

4.) You do not need to secure magnets to the flak vest itself. This is a useless step, so don't waste your time. As long as the other side is securely fastened to your armor, these will remain in place. It also allows you to make minor adjustments if need be, as previously mentioned. I actually place thin pieces of scrap metal to the back side of the magnets on the center of the chest to keep the spacing consistent; preventing the closer pieces from overlapping one another.

My biggest problem has been the magnets pulling off the armor itself. I usually have to re-glue a magnet or two every other troop. I have been unable to find a strong enough adhesive to prevent the metal from separating from the plastic. I have tried Gorilla Glue, hot glue, bSi epoxy, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations on a better way to adhere the magnets to the armor itself?

FYI, I am a medical professional and do not recommend use for those with a pacemaker (as asked previously). Also, it ruined one of my credit cards.


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I have been using the jewelry pin and clutch back method with locking backs. If you don't go with the original attachment method, this is the best out there. It is reversible and I have never had a problem with backs falling off (I use the kinds that tighten with an Allen wrench).

Update: New way to attach Armor to vest using Jewelry Pins with Clutch Backs.

This thread should probably be a sticky as I believe it is cheaper than and superior to magnets.


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I have not used these on my fett yet but I've done a custome mando I've used bolts Chicago screws and did this magnet attachment on my last one and it's by far my favorite because you can adjust them I put my armor where I want it and then I handsew a price of cloth over the magnet on the inside of vest just in case I ever had a plate pop off I can just put it back on adjust and go on instead of having to take vest off find the loose magnets and reattach the cloth I see on the inside is more like a loose pocket so they have wiggle room to adjust the plates the pockets if you leave the top open you could remove magnets to wash vest and I always pull my plates off before removing vest so if the magnets want to stick to each other when taking off it's not slapping your plates together and possibly scratching or damaging them


Alright... this is a dumb question for most of you, but kind of important for me in regards to the magnets, so was wondering. Especially considering that some of you occasionally troop at children's hospitals and such.

I wanted to use these rare earth magnets for armor fastening, as I read that they are extremely strong and perfect for this application. However I also have read a few articles stating that you should NOT have rare earth magnets within 4-5" of a pacemaker, as it will temporarily suspend operation of the device. The videos showed how moving rare earth magnets within a few inches of watches or certain electronics or small mechanical devices will stop them instantly until the magnet is moved away, and then they start up again.

My kid has a pacemaker, so I realized that I can't use magnets for my armor in case I want to pick him up while wearing it (he's little, so I'd be holding him against my chest armor at some point, right next to the pacemaker). Was wondering if this could potentially be an issue for folks who have their gauntlets held together with rare earth magnets and troop at children's hospitals (which I'm hoping to eventually do, to go back to children's hospital LA where my kid got his put in).


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F4R, Really like the Idea !! I think the pins and locking clutch backs are easier, and much faster to install than any of the other methods !!

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F4R, Really like the Idea !! I think the pins and locking clutch backs are easier, and much faster to install than any of the other methods !!
by far the best method for so many reasons! I love it. They hold REALLY well, they wont slide side to side, they install pretty easy and are CHEAP!