Chest armor utilizing magnet attachment method


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I'm planning to use magnets to attach my chest armor as well. Question for anyone who's used washers inside the vest, rather than magnets, to keep cost down: what pull strength have you used in order to keep things secure? I'd like to use this method if it's cost effective, but I don't want to order magnets that will be too weak.

Also, has anyone successfully used magnets to hold the collar/back armor to the vest? I'd hate to have the convenience of the magnets, and avoid making any holes in the vest, just to have to do it for the collar/back anyway. Any pointers would be appreciated.


have been reading this thread and had a thought. for those using the magnets and that troop in the rain or sweat a lot. Plastidip the magnets. BOOM no rust and you can still glue the things


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Has anyone thought of using a dremel or drill to make an indent in the armor so when the magnet is attached it is sunk into the armor and flush with the surface of it? Or is not necessary? Never worked with attaching armor before but I was curious if it might help the armor look more a part of the vest


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Did anyone ever answer the question or try using magnets for the collar and back plate? Seems like any other method would pull up to the neck just as much?? The magnets could actually be an improvement. I may give it a go.. mine is for a mannequin build so don't have to worry about the movement/wear of trooping.

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No, but I can include magnets with the kit if you want.
Yes please do. Thanks for helping.

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