Chest armor utilizing magnet attachment method


I've used magnets on all of my Captain America suits, most recently my armored Cap NOW suit. They work great for this sort of thing. I bought 40 disc magnets from I'm planning to get into the Boba Fett mash-up I've long been wanting so I am happy to be a part of the group here :)


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So, on the collar plate, you attached two screws to the plate itself and then what? I'm a little confused here, but I am new, so please, humor me...


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Currently messing around using the magnet method. I've found that you can use aluminum tabs attached to the armor and then magnets so you will get the same results with half the magnets. Currently still working on it and need to order more magnets for the chest armor, but will post pics with my results if this works will save on the amount of magnets needed.


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I just finished getting the chest, diamond and belly pieces attached. I hot glued the magnets to the vest as well. Once you find your ideal positioning I find it much better to do this so you can take the pieces on and off at will and not have free magnets jumping around and sticking to each other. It also speeds up the application of the pieces at a later date.

RKD I am also stumped as to what you are doing with the neckpiece. Once you have the 2 bolts attached, then what? Could you expand on that part of your OP please? I am guessing you cut holes in the vest for the bolts to go through and then you attach via nuts on the inside? I don't want to do that until I get some confirmation though.

Another tip I have is to not skimp on the strength of the magnets if using an Arkady vest. It's double thickness and the 7lb magnets I got are just enough to hold things in place, and moving around/ flexing through the chest plate region too much will cause them to come detached. You could probably use the 10lb magnets with this thick vest. Definitely use 10lb magnets for the shoulder bells.

I also recommend using magnets on the armour *and* the vest, vs just a piece of metal on the vest. You will want the strength of attachment that a couple 7-10lb magnets will give you over a single stronger magnet (that will have more of a chance to interfere with the others near by) and a piece of metal.


Hey everyone first time poster here. I got to thinking about the magnet idea to attach the armor. More specifically I was thinking if there was another way to attach the magnets to the inside of the vest so that they were semi-permanent and the plates would attach to the same location every time. Just a warning my solution seems like an answer to a nonexistent problem. The problem that comes up as everyone has seen is that its very difficult to sew a magnet in with a metal needle. So what I thought of was why not sew a small "pocket" on the inside of the vest for each magnet. Then put a small flap over it with a Velcro closure to hold the magnet in temporarily. I don't have any pictures of what I'm trying to say but think of boba's thigh pockets but with a full front flap and a lot smaller for each magnet. If the pockets were sewn to the right size they would be tight holding the magnet and the top Velcro flap would only be extra. This would allow the magnets to be removed in-case you wanted to wash the vest as well as create the same armor alignment every time. I'll probably try this once I get a vest and some armor to play with.


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Earlier in this thread, someone said that the magnet method doesn't work for attaching the collar + back armor to the vest, but I didn't quite understand why. If you didn't have the back plate attached to the collar plate with a bolt and instead used a snap or Velcro or something, why couldn't you use magnets to hold these pieces in place on the vest as well?