Canderous Ordo Armor (Mandalore the Preserver) WIP


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Hello guys !
I talking you a long time ago about my armor project... And I finally began it !!
Well... it's with not expansive materials I found in a working store and in a sport store ^^

here's some references pics :


And a lot of other pics :D

So let me show you what I've done for the moment.

First I bought biker boots and gloves (but no photos yet)...
Then, I decided to make the chest in a plastic sheet.
I made it in two parts : the global chest, and the top chest.



then, I put on the first part some peaces of foam to make the chest relief :

Finally, I put the second part on it:

I made the form folding the material with my hands ^^

The first part of the helmet !
After the beginning of the chest, I decided to make the entire helmet before continuing the rest of the armor.
So I bought a roller helmet in a sport store and put a sheet of plastic on it.
I have to cut it a little 'cause for the moment, I can't hold up my head *:rolleyes:

Here's the first shot of my helmet.


Don't forget that is just the begining ^^

Yesterday, I formed the visor, shots will come when I fixed it on the elmet tonight or at the begining of the next week :D


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Hello guys !

I finally continue my helmet with the white plastics, the rollerblade helmet and a transparent plastic used for bathrooms ^^
Let me show you with some pics :)

First : the T visor

Then : the "glass" for the T lense

And them together ^^

After that, I put the "glass" in the roller helmet to form it as I need to put the visor on after :

Next, I made the complete T visor with the plastic, the glass ans a car glasses film. But it was still to big so I had to cut it in order to have a good sized helmet


After that, I put the visor on the helmet to try it and eventually resize it again (and again xD)

Finally, in order to egalise all the bucket, I put some dough named "plastiroc" which become hard in ambiant temperature.

Now, I have to wait the next week to be sure it's all hard and egalise it with glass paper and finish it ^^
This week end I have a event with my garindan costume so I don't think I could continue this project XD

Thanks to look at my progress guys ^^



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Hi guys !
I have shots of the next step...
The helmet is in "standby" 'cause I have to wait before finish it ;) (next week end may be)

So just 2 little pics :
thighs :

neck :

Hope you like it ^^

Bye :)


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Hello there !

The last two pics of my helmet WIP taken this afternoon ^^
I put some coating smoothing on it which brings a better color and a better aspect :)


Well the next one give a strange aspect of the helmet because of the perspective, I'm sorry :rolleyes:

Hope you like it ^^



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Hello guys !
I'm back with some pics of my respirator ^^






Building it, I saw that my bucket was too large. So I cut it a litte to be more accurate but I still have the same problem... My helmet seems to be XXL lol but I can't build it another time and can't cut anymore... May be it's only because I don't have Canderous shoulders and it will look better when I will have my shoulders' protections ... let we see ^^"

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501st possibility

Good morning,

I have been asked to comment on the possibility of this unit in the 501st, citing other currently accepted video game characters. I'd like to share my response here.

The characters Visas Marr*, Darth Revan, Darth Nihilus or Starkiller** (and more)--are are all scripted characters or who have distinctly villain roles in KOTOR. (*Or have scripted villain roles before they become playable. Starkiller**, from The Force Unleashed, is only considered in his role fighting for the Empire.) You will note that Darth Malak is in fact not in the 501st Legion CRL. This is because the costume cannot be purchased as a kit and no one has put the effort into attempting one for Legion Review.

Canderous Ordo, is introduced as a neutral character--with villain leanings--who will follow and support the most wretched of Dark Sider or the most Redeemed Revan. In the official "canon" ending for KOTOR--the ending that allows KOTOR II to take place--Darth Revan is redeemed and his cohorts are influenced toward fulfilling their lightside destinies. In KOTOR II, the same is true of relationship between the Mandalore and the Jedi Exile.

Books written by various authors hoping to capitalize on a video game's popularity do little to support the visual appearance of a character for 501st purposes.

A second issue to be found with the playable characters in the KOTOR series is that their appearance--outfit--to a degree, weapons, and accessories can be changed at the whim of the player. All the characters accepted by 501st so far have had scripted appearances. Playable costume options have been ignored.

¿So where does this leave us with KOTOR II's Manadalore? Done well, I think there's enough scripted KOTOR II reference to argue for him. However, I will be very tough on the costume. I will be ignoring screen shots of the costume and seek out full model renders, like those I acquired for "Visas Marr, Darth Revan, Darth Nihilus or Starkiller (and more)."

For example;
KOTOR's Darth Revan render
TFU's "Starkiller", in service of the Empire render

For a new armoured unit in the 501st, I will be looking for fine craftsmanship and detail.

For an armoured unit, the helmet is everything. And for a good helmet, months of work must be preceded by months of research--even beyond google image search. I will seek out my contact at Activision who helped port the counsel game to PC and see if a good reference render can be made. Alternatively I encourage those interested in this project rip and render the model at high resolution themselves. I think in this way we might find authenticating details to further in this project.

Be well,


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Hi TCE ^^
Thanks for your answer, I found some screen shots of color customisation for the armor, so I can see the entire armor correctly, but as you said you want to have renders, I'm looking for it.
I'm going to (re)build my helmet with other materials to be more accurate ^^

I've got to say that your explaination give me more wishes about making a great job to be approved in 501st in addition of my Garindan costume.

Thanks again



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ho ! 2months I didn't send any pics...
Well, ... it's because I didn't work on my canderous project (just rebuild the helmet) and my job take my time ^^"

So, I rebuild the helmet as I said in my last post.

I built this one with a protection cap, I removed from it the jean's and keep the hard part for the top of the helmet. The back and the visor were built with a particular material in 2 parts. This material is used with hot water and can be formed and reformed as we want.

Next, I put some coating smoothing a lot of times and finally get the right aspect ^^

Here's 2 pics token 1hour ago ^^



I hope you like it as I do :rolleyes:


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Hi guys !
I know I don't post a lot but I've got a lot of things to do in addition to this project :rolleyes:

So, here : 2 pics of the new pieces I prepared for fiberglass ;)
I'll put the fiberglass on these this week end (I hope I've got enough fiberglass, if not, I would have to buy another sheet and make the last parts the next week xD)

You'll see here : the forarms (both in 2 parts), the boots protections, the handplates, the thins and the backplate (which I know it will give me a lot of jobs :-\), and the future blaster (when it'll be upgraded of course)


I also made the begining of the belt but I'll post pics later ;)