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Hello all, new to the Forum but I've been around for a pretty long minute. I'm getting back into game, and starting from the ground up. I ordered myself a Mynock's Den "G.I." helmet, and slowly been working on it. Both ear caps and ear plates are removable, allowing me to swap with the Mynock's Den MHAS ear caps. I have the range finder cap assembled and held together with blue painter tape. Eventually I am going to lights for the range finder, but one thing at a time.
As you can see, I have a pair of Chicago screws embedded into the inside of this ear cap, with a resin spacer in between the ear cap and helmet.
My goal is to add a motorized servo to operate the range finder up and down. I also want to have it operated from a button or switch on a wrist gauntlet.
I've never done this type of helmet modification before, so I signed up to The Dented Helmet a few weeks back. I figure if anyone knows how to do what I'm looking to put together, this is the first place to go.
I'm not sure where to even begin, as in what parts and pieces I need, what tools would be helpful. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.
Here are the images

*edit* Apparently I double posted as I didn't think the first post still had the photos attached. Remove as needed


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