C6 Clonetrooper tutorial and build from head to toe!


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Hi DW Design! I was looking for a good clone trooper phase 1 replica(or costume) and i saw your costumes here, in this forum! And i found your work very impressive!!

Let me introduce: I'm Jacopo from Italy looking for a good clone trooper phase 1 costume for the Rimini comix event! I am confident that you can sell me one already built and ready to use and affordable :)

Please i am soooo desperate! Can you help me?

Looking for your answers :D


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Hello, this cosplay can be buy ? I will love to get it but I'm 17 years and I don't have the experience and the place to built it. Can I buy one from you ?

Joseph b

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I’m new here and I was wondering if someone could give me a list of everything I’m going to need for the armor including all materials and equipment