Building a video camera into your suit

Anyone done it? I'm thinking about integrating a webcam into either my helmet or into a stalk on my backpack. I'm curious if it's been done before and any thoughts about doing it.


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I have actually thought about something like that, where I would secure a micro camera to the inside left, of my helmet visor, and having it feed the video into the RF box, but I would be able to take snap shots, and zoom with the camera and look at far distances..



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we have a stormtrooper in our area who removed one of the mic tips from his bucket and replaced it with a camera. it feeds into an archos media recorder box, so he can store hours of video as he goes.
I'm considering modding my Boblbee backpack into an enviropack for my warrior. I could certainly fit my laptop into it. Of course, it weighs 5 pounds....


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I don't have it attached to the helmet yet, but I have a camera that feeds to two lcd displays. one would go inside the helmet and the other inside the rangefinder (i have a hollow rangefinder). The camera is just going where the calc chip is in the back. this way i can see behind me at all times