Posable Foam Hands -Fixing an age old problem

Man of War Studios

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Here's a great solution for age old problem in the StarWars universe! Now you can switch out those bulky useless mannequin hands for a pair of posable foam replacements. 1:1 scale made of soft flexible foam molded over a heavy gauge wire skeleton. This allows for full flexibility in all the fingers and even the wrist, giving you amazing posable freedom. The forearms and wrist are far less clumsy n bulky than a traditional mannequins, and with the soft foam construction allows your gauntlets the added room needed even with the flight suit added, this is especially nice around the wrists where that extra room and flexibility is definitely needed. I recommend cutting your existing mannequins forearms mid-length, inserting your new foam replacements, then securing them with duct tape. I found using some bubble wrap helps bulk them up if needed. I used this very same product on all my mannequins for over 2 decades. Great for stormtroopers as well as mandalorian's.

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