A Fett Painter's Toolbox

One suggestion I’d make as far as pipettes are concerned, I found disposable syringes to be far better for mixing accurate measurements of paint. As a beginner, I have found it essential to use exact measurements and give myself the best chances at getting a good coat down.

These boxes of 100 are available on Amazon:


They’re 1ml capacity which I’ve found to be perfect. Let’s say you’re doing the 106 grey on the rear panels. 2ml of paint and 1ml of thinners is plenty to cover both panels.
I love using syringes to mix paints. I actually had to use syringes and needles to do some fiberglass/resin repair and it worked like a dream.
I love using syringes to mix paints.
Me too. The issue with pipettes is, if you accidentally suck up too much paint and go past the measurements you're screwed. You now have no idea how much paint is in there, and you can't use that pipette again because the inside is covered with paint and you can't see what you're doing. Don't have that issue with syringes, they're a lot easier to control.
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