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Ok, so I have seen some of the buckets here on the site, however, I have yet to figure out how you make them look so good.

So, the question is, do you airbrush them or use spraypaint? I dont have access to an airbrush machine, so I am stuck with using spraypaint.

So, if you are using spraypaint, how do you get it to look so good? My DP 97 has about 14 coats of paint (primer, green, silver, etc) but I cant get it to even out, i.e.; the two tone cheeks (you can see certain spots on mine where one color bleeds into the other.

Also, if you are using spraypaint, what brands and colors?

I have a year to fix this DP 97 (cant afford anything else right now) so any help would be appreciated.
There are alot of threads with regards to the painting of the buckets.
One thing I can see that might be an issue your having with the "Bleeding" is the drying time.
Remember. The key to a great paint job is slow and steady. 1 layer...Dry at least 10 hours to a day. Then on to the next layer or color.
Also, you may want to paint your lighter shade of color first and then go with the darker shades. That will drastically reduce 'bleed through'. As for the colors to use, which scheme are you doing, ESB or RotJ?
You dont paint the whole helmet the same color, you mask off a certain area and layer it, if you have painted the whole helmet just to layer the cheeks for example that is not the thing to do.

Start with the back and mask off the rest since it is a darker green you can weather that part, then move on around to the other parts.

Only advantage to an Airbrush I have seen is you can mix paint from a set of paints instead of buying 100 different spray cans of paint which gets exspensive.
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