Bucket ID: Newbie Lookin' For Assist!

Howdy, folks! I've finally started putting together a Fett outfit and recently picked up this here bucket. Anyone care to hypothesize about its origin?







It appears to be made of fiberglass, has a poor excuse for a rangefinder, the visor is attached with velcro & electrical tape, and it has "H#2" written on the interior in black sharpie marker.

Any thoughts?

- Joe!
Welcome to TDH Yokel! :lol:
This is a recasted Mystery helmet. I once owned this very helmet, but I have no idea why someone reattached the visor using electrical tape, nor why the rangefinder is messed up.
Here's my photos:






To attach the visor to the helmet, I just used two-part epoxy putty. It hardens to a metal and sticks to anything. Score the helmet surface with an exacto blade a couple times, then apply putty. Hold the visor in place until the putty hardens to a metal - about 3-5 minutes.


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electrical tape well thats diffrent. Think what he ment by "I once owned this very helmet" is he had a Mystery helmet. As do I own a Mystery helmet that has a nice ROTJ thing going for it. But I would do what TK409 has advised with the visor. He knows what he's doing!
SlackJawedYokel said:
Whoa. When you say "this very helmet" do you mean the actual helmet I've got sitting in my living room right this very second?

- Joe!
Yes, I owned that actual helmet that you have sitting in your living room this very second. (my photos above were taken of that actual helmet in my garage). I received it from a guy who had painted and weathered it, but I wasn't happy with what he did. I did the decals and the dark "carbon scoring" look of the weathering. I also repainted and weathered the left ear (the green one). I didn't redo the broad-brushed red/silver weathering on the front, but knowing what I know now, personally, I'd sand it, and repaint it to do it right. It's definitely a Mystery helmet. :)
Well I'll be. Go figure! Small Universe! I couldn't get your above links to work last night or else I could have compared them right then & there!

I'll pick up some putty this weekend & fix that visor. I might just keep the paint as-is, tho. The reason I bought this one is because I've tried painting and prop building and sanding and grinding and all the fun stuff that comes with creating a piece... and frankly, the results have never been pretty. In fact, they've been downright depressing. And close-up, this isn't a half bad paint job! I really like how you can actually see where the red paint is lifting from the silver.

Upon closer examination, it seems the rangefinger stalk was broken and re-glued way down at the bottom so I'll probably be in the market to replace that with something that has the LED lights on top. This rangefinder seems a bit short anyway.

My only other question would be: what's the difference between a recast MH and an original MH? Is there a huge detail difference?

Thanks for all your help, guys (and gals!) You're making this too easy for me!

- Joe
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SlackJawedYokel said:
My only other question would be: what's the difference between a recast MH and an original MH? Is there a huge detail difference?

- Joe

The biggest difference would be ETHICS.

Aside from that, the quality of the lamination could be an issue.
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