Boba Fett at Kenner

Art Andrews

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Many of you may have read Ron Salvatore's recent blog entry here:

theswca blog: The 200 Million Dollar Brand

In it are some previously unseen photos of Fett with the eyes helmet. I reached out to Ron and he generously offered to scan his vintage Kenner Kaleidoscope Bulletin's for me so we could have the best possible representation of those photos. These were low-res print magazines from back in the day, so even at high resolution, the prints aren't great, but it is still amazingly cool to see the Fett costume at this time (Nov, 1978). Ron threw in an extra photo previously unseen from Feb 1979 as well. Enjoy!

Huge thanks to Ron Salvatore for taking the time to make these scans for us!

1978-11 - Kenner Star Wars is Forever Meeting - Cleaned.jpg

1979-02 - New York Toy Fair - Cleaned.jpg


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Amazing to think that we're STILL getting new details, all these years later....


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looks like the "Eyes" picture was taken at the same time as this... that popped collar... LOL


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Thanks for posting those images, Art! And a big thanks to Ron Salvatore for allowing this!
Interesting note on the second image: the helmet is the Pre-Pro #1 v2 (or ears helmet), the torso armor is the Pre-Pro #2 (with the original abdominal plate), while the cod plate, the knee pads and the jetpack looks to be taken from the ESB Promo #1 suit:
1979-02 - New York Toy Fair - Comparison.jpg


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Great catch, JB! It's the same suit with almost the same pose.
DERP. got my PPs mixed up there for a second lol. the top two pics, the PP2 left chest piece is different than the one on the bottom. also, the flame thrower hose looks all nice and tucked under the shoulder bell. oh, and they have the ammo belt on backwards...smh