Best rattlecan for ROTJ Fett chest/back armor? AND blaster scope question


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As the title says: any recommendations for "close enough" spray can color(s) for the abdominal and backplate ROTJ Fett armor? What I have now is a little too light of a shade.

ALONG THOSE LINES: is there a relatively inexpensive "close enough" ROTJ EE3 scope or replica? The ones I see for sale/auction seem to be older models that fetch $100 U.S. and up.



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Rustoleum Hunt club (not hunter) green is about as close as you can get when using rattle cans. It's what I used on my 501st approved armor.


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All plates on ROTJ should be the same color green. When I used spray paints I used Rustoleum hunter green I think, but I really did not like the color.

As for a close enough scope, a 4x20 scope looks close enough at first glance. Something similar to this (just with different clips that would need to be replicas)

That scope was JUST what I was looking for! It's "close enough": for my display needs and fits great on my EE3!