1. Fett1794

    ROTJ jetpack with rattle cans (photos)

    Thought I’d post images of the paint job I did for my ROTJ jetpack. To be clear, I haven’t been completing my build to a 501st standard at all and this jetpack is missing some greeblies of which I’m aware. I’m just out to make something that looks movie quality to a novice. I’ve also just used...
  2. chris2fett

    Best rattlecan for ROTJ Fett chest/back armor? AND blaster scope question

    As the title says: any recommendations for "close enough" spray can color(s) for the abdominal and backplate ROTJ Fett armor? What I have now is a little too light of a shade. ALONG THOSE LINES: is there a relatively inexpensive "close enough" ROTJ EE3 scope or replica? The ones I see for...