Benthic Two Tubes build

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by Silverstalker, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Silverstalker

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    I have been working on a Benthic Two Tubes build from R1 I will re-post the build from the RPF if anyone want's to take a look....

    After the PhotoBucket saga there are a lot of pictures missing after I downloaded them on to another hosing site... Sadly most of the content is missing

    but here it is anyway

    Benthic Two Tubes - Build journal

    35690530261_0154c0edda_h.jpg 20170704_223944 by Silver Stalker, on Flickr
  2. WTFett

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    Looks sweet! Can't decide if I want to do this guy or Ithano next.
  3. Silverstalker

    Silverstalker Active Member

    35210101703_e35b516867_c.jpg 2017-07-19_09-34-44 by Silver Stalker, on Flickr

    go for it the hard part is sculpting the head but this only took about a week.. the rest is soft parts
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  4. hvacdon

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    Looks Great !!

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