Bargain Flightsuit Run


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Hello Arkady I am interested in a ESB flightsuit shipped. Thank you. I have all of my soft parts, and just need the main ingredient for my ESB Fett!
99102727_10219587816060452_6587475436781961216_o (1).jpg


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Do you also provide the neck seal to be attached to flight suit? I know that sounds odd, but apparently that's what level 2 certification requires. I'm still new to the Fett game, so any information or input would help


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Hi Arkady. I am looking for all the soft parts for an ESB build. Could you please send me details including timing on how long an order would take. Thank you.


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Would also love for some details on all soft parts for ESB as well. Any info on pricing and timing would be enthusiastically obliged.! :cry: