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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Arkady, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Updated for new fabrics 9/25/14
    I am continuing a run for both ROTJ and ESB flightsuits. Both fabrics are a mid weight cotton twill.Please send me a PM for pricing and turnaround time. Both suits come with double ended zippers and are made to your measurements. I have added a few extra touches to my suits also. I have changed the sleeve so it is more of a shirt sleeve instead of an overall sleeve, and I have added the stitching details to the pants and sleeve bottoms instead of just the short sleeve.
    Here are the fabrics:
    Here is a finished suit:
    I make the pouches out of the matching fabric for ESB. For ROTJ I make the pouches and spats from a natural duck canvas.
    I also am doing vests and neck seals. Here is a sample of the greyish tackle twill along side what I have, which is called peau de soie, also called duchess satin. Due to the debate about shiny side out/ dull side out, I will from now on (1/4/14) ask preferences on new orders.
    Inside lighting:
    Outside full sun:

    So I cobbled together a pattern and whipped this up:
    Here is a separate neck seal:
    Or attached to the suit:
    Please feel free to PM me with any questions.
    Thanks, Carole
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  2. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    The first suit is going out today and I thought I'd add a few detail pics.
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  3. XDentedFettX

    XDentedFettX Jr Member

    im interested
  4. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    PM sent :)
  5. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Update in first post, only one more ROTJ left.
  6. Skiff

    Skiff Jr Member

    What would postage to 4114 australia be? (rotj)
  7. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    PM sent :)
  8. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Updated info in the first post.
  9. pistolpete7408

    pistolpete7408 New Member

    I just received mine and I can't say enough good things about it and about Carole, she's a great tailor and an excellent seller, I don't know what the $250 plus suits are made of but don't think the quality can exceed what she makes, this is really a bargain suit, don't let this opportunity pass by....
  10. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Thanks Pedro!
  11. snub999

    snub999 New Member

    So, are there any still available? I'm new to the site here and the soft parts are always the kicker for me since I'm a pretty tall guy. I managed to get a great custom made cummerbund for my bikerscout, but I'm branching out here to mandalorians, my second love. I would definitely like to know more. :D
  12. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Hi snub, PM sent:)
  13. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    Just want to chime in and say that Carole made mine back in 2009 and its still going strong. excellent quality, well worth every cent! i paid more for mine back then, so guys you are getting the deal of a lifetime here!
  14. xorex

    xorex New Member

    PM sent

  15. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words, DV! I'm glad it's holding up for you.:cheers
    Xorex, pm sent:)
  16. xorex

    xorex New Member

    Hi there,

    Here is the Jodo Kast flightsuit I was talking to you about.

    Jodo Kast jumpsuit.jpg

    here is the CRL info on the flightsuit.
    I. Jumpsuit
    A. Material: Thicker Cotton or Cotton / Polly blend.
    B. Color: Dark Grey
    C. Required Construction Elements:
    1. One piece jumpsuit with zipper down front.
    2. Long inner sleeve and short outer sleeve on both arms.
    3. One large cargo style thigh pouch on each thigh, with a slanted flap. Placed midway between knee and waist.
    4. The pant legs shall be held tight around the ankles so they do not flare out. A small strap that wraps around the ankle and attaches with velcro should be used for Kast The flap or a stirup that tuckes into the boot may be used also to keep the jumpsuit pants in place.
    6. The jumpsuit should be weathered and dirty, most noticeably on the legs. As with all aspects of Kast… the more weathering the better.

  17. sausagemahoney

    sausagemahoney Jr Member

    these suits are amazing. the attention to detail is top notch and Carole is the best. BUY THESE SUITS!!!
  18. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Awww, thanks!;)
  19. Archaster777

    Archaster777 Member

    Are these still available by chance? PM sent...
  20. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    Yes, they are! PM sent.
  21. Bothan

    Bothan Member

    PM sent.
  22. Bobaroo

    Bobaroo New Member

    any rotj left? price?
  23. Roninson

    Roninson Member

    Just to chime in - one satisfied customer here. I ordered my ESB flightsuit from Arkady last month. Excellent quality, the turnaround was within two weeks and the fit was spot-on!
  24. chrisbacca

    chrisbacca New Member

    I'm new here and can't sew worth a ****,lol...would it still be possible to get a ROTJ? if the material is expensive,I'll gladly kick in some extra......from what everyone here is saying it would be worth it.
  25. Arkady

    Arkady Active Member

    I have enough fabric for one more ROTJ, but I'm planning on a trip to LA next week to find more.

    Thanks Paul!

    PM's sent:)
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