Bargain Flightsuit Run


I got one of these flight suits second hand and it’s perfect!!!! Arkady is the best in the biz hands down! Get one !!!!


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Unosiete info sent but for general info, I make my parts custom to your measurements so....size matters not. :)
e3kehoe I'm glad you like it! Let me know if you need anything else.


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Arkady, would love to talk with you about ordering flight suit/soft parts (pricelists) for ESB suit . I understand your work is amazing.


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Hello Arkady, I am sooooo happy to find you. I'm interested in information for all Soft Parts that you do for ESB prices and I guess ETA as well. Thank you so much in advance!!!!!


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Hello Arkady, I was hoping to speak with you about an ESB flight suit and other soft parts availability and pricing. Thanks for your time!