Color of original flightsuit?


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Ok, so after searching and searching, finding some fairly old threads, and getting some decent information on getting the color for the flightsuit right, I still can't find the droids I'm looking for...
I know a lot of this is guesswork but I mainly want to start a discussion on what the original color for the flightsuit was, I know we don't know if it was custom or made from an existing flightsuit, but does anyone have a guess as to what it's color was? Since we know the ESB suit and the ROTJ suit are the same, I'm inclined to believe the suit was originally light blue and then either dyed grey, or they got it dirty and then as time went on the grey faded, leaving the blue and getting more dirty (or just got more dirty). I have these questions because I'm considering making my own flightsuit so it will be more accurate, and I'm considering starting with something light blue to begin with and lightly dying it grey. I wonder has anyone tried this? did it work out, and why or why not? or am I just better off starting with white and dying in the blue and grey? Thanks! Mythosaur
Ok, yeah that makes sense they would take the Pre-Pro suit and dye it. So then did they dye it blue and grey, or just blue? I guess it really doesn't matter since I will probably have to do both to get the color right. Cool, well for authenticity's sake, I'll be starting with white. Thanks Spicy!
So from my understanding it got dyed blue for ESB and then became faded for the filming of ROTJ but they are the same suit but the pre pro 2 is a different flightsuit altogether.
I'll tell you what I accident. I dyed a white Man of War flight suit what I thought was a nice blue/grey combination. It ended up way more light baby blue than I liked so I left the blue on a dyed it with a straight shot of Pearl Grey. I did that about 3 or 4 times, each time with a really light amount of grey and pretty short spans of time. Pull it out, dry it, see how it looks and try again. Similar happened with my Pre Pro 2 except it started too grey and I had to hit it with Navy a few times. If you ever dye a suit out of the gate right on the first try, make sure you write down the exact formula! Good luck!
Thanks for the advice guys! I also saw toolguy's advice about dyeing the suit to get the ROTJ color and his color is pretty good so I'm considering his method. I guess the next question I should ask is what the appropriate material is, I believe I've read it was a cotton/poly blend of some sort is that correct?
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