Bargain Flightsuit Run


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Tackle twill is also called poly pro twill. If you order from me, I will be happy to throw some scraps in that you can use to make the gloves.


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Wow Antonio, that looks amazing!
Here is a picture of two vests showing shiny and dull out. Don't mind the threads, I've been crazy busy trying to get everyones stuff done in time :)


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Hey there! I'm interested in some more info on these suits. Whenever you get a chance I'd love a PM! :)

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Received my Flightsuit the other day super stoked,quality craftsmanship, superb, and ahead of schedule Thanks Carole

Sending PM


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Might be interested in a ROTJ flight suit. Could you please PM with costs. Also do you ship to the UK?


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Hi Carole,

If still available (and no rush, do not need it before Dec. 18th at all), I would be very interest in a RotJ flight suit and flack jacket.


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I just received my complete ESB set this afternoon. Now it feels like I may actually be able to make some progress.... Beautiful work! Thanks Carole!