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After no less then 5 failed attempts at $65 for each sheet of aluminum one sheet needed for the back plate a friend of mine sent me an ABS back plate to look at. I really feel for sculptures looking at a picture and translating that into a 3d form is hard unless you can physically touch something it near impossible to get it right. well there is still a little work needing to be done I have to trim one side a bit where the shoulder is and finish the other harness hole but I just about have it done. the harness holes is on the low side compared to the ABS but those how it is on Wizard of Flight's templates and I wanted to go with the higher up one I could always lower it if I need to. Here is the picture



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here are the final set of photos. I am super pleased with the results. I know at least one person waiting for me to figure this out. :D

Keep in mind the armor fits so much better on me then the mannequin. you guy know how malnutritioned the TK mannequins are