General Backplate issue

jrd syyn

New Hunter
scrap the middle, working up for clearances. I've lost weight. girth belt too long, BM pieces cod and kidney too long. Bobamakers cod & kidney pieces meet up at a weird angle <_> ... instead of (_). Tried binding cod & kidney for a week, to no avail. Next step kerf the insides of the cod and kidney pieces, then reinforicing with athin layer of fiberglass.
Restrung the girth, took about 4" out to shorten it. Was suprised that each buckle section is one super long cord braided around the buckles. I did study the girth before taking it apart, made some rough drawings to put it back together. Removed the extra webbing, restrung the one long cord and finished it off by finding a ink pen of the same size with a little piece of duct tape around the pen tip and end of cord, yanking the pen thru the knots with the cord, retightening the knots and finishing off with dabs of hot glue at the cord end pieces. After shortening the girth and removing the webbing I did needle and thread thru the cords to keep it looking uniform and keeping the cords from slacking. Bonus for me, more tools to buy, I attached screen accurate black straps, got to get me a hot glue gun to make buckle holes. Still slowly kerfing cod piece.