Backplate help (ROTJ)


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I have a set of RKD large armor. I've always had troubles with the way the backplate sat on me. It doesn't align quite right with the collar piece plus it has large gaps on the sides. Is this how it sits or is my body shape weird? Who else makes back plates? I also will be considering buying larger armor (RKD's chest plates are a tad small) so any recommendations for that would be helpful.

If I force the back plate to hide the gaps and fit more naturally it brings the part that hooks into the collar at a 45 degree angle, and the other side won't even touch.

Ignore the paint, it's in the process of a more accurate repaint. Pictures for an idea of my situation: Imgur


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So, this is just me and what I had to do, I have RKD large armor too.

I had to adjust the collar plate back overlapping the backplate a couple times till I got the proper fit. But once I tuck the backplate into the scuba harness, it stays there. But I will admit, that the collar plate does put pressure on my throat. If you don’t have your frame for the JP ( if that’s the route your going) it’ll be hard to dial in 100%.

If RKD plates are small for you, I think you’ll
Have a hard time finding something bigger. But I’m not 100% sure.
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Wasted Fett also makes armor. I believe his chest pieces are larger than RKDs.

Unfortunately, if you want just a new back plate, you will need to get a new collar so they match up properly, which in turn you will more than likely need new chest pieces so it looks right.