Minutefett issues?


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Hey just looking for some advice I ordered a set of ROTJ armor from him on December 1, 2022 and received a package on the 28th pretty quick. But unfortunately it wasn’t the armor I ordered through his Etsy store it was custom armor with Mythasour on the chest. I contacted him immediately and sent pics, to his credit he responded immediately and told me to keep the armor and he would send out the ROTJ armor rate away, on the 29th I asked if he sent it out and he said yes and provided me with a UPS tracking number. I checked last week status showed label created, sent him message through Etsy no response. Checked UPS again today (January 9) still showing label created sent him another message asking to check with UPS about package and still no response from him. Not sure what to do, is it typical for packages sit in label created for almost two weeks, really frustrating since I received the wrong item and just want to get my ROTJ Fett done. I included pics of what I received.
Luis is normally really good about making things right. I had a similar situation with an ESB helmet from him. Where the label got created but didn’t get shipped. Took me a week or two to get a hold of him but he realized mine was one of the boxes he didn’t grab when he sent his packages out. Point being, he made it right got the bucket to me (which is actually being paint by the real super Jedi as we speak, check out the post here on the TDH). He does great work! I have a ton of his stuff (helmet, armor, metal ears, hollow rocket, visor clips, pre ordered the jet pack) haven’t been disappointed yet. I’m sure he will coming through for you.
Luis will make it right. He does sometimes get backlogged and things sit in label created for a week or so. I've bought an embarrassing amount of stuff from him over the past couple of years and he's always delivered.
The stuff he sent was really nice but unfortunately the wrong armor, he did respond fast and informed me he would make it right. Just frustrating to see the package sit in label created for almost 2 weeks, hopefully the armor arrives early next week.
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