Backplate Construction

Eht Eno

Hey All,

I got a template for my amor made and ready to cut. I'm trying to think ahead. I havenet had any problems molding other parts, but molding the backplate seems like a task. What are any good ways of molding it.

ty -dan-
You can steam the plate over a pot of boiling water to soften it up to get the vertical curve. Then just dip each "shoulder" as deep in the water as you can, hold for 13 seconds, then bend down to shape. The side "fins" are best done with a heat gun or hair dryer if that's all you have.
well, i made my backplate out of sintra, so, all i did is heat the oven up to 350, and poped the backplate in. i waited until it became soft. anyway, i got some friends to help me with it. the more people you got, the easier it is. just hold the peice there until it a matter of seconds, and run some cold water over it.
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