Attention Girth belt Gurus! sizing help


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Ok guys,
I'm looking to buy the Mohair girth belt.
I've heard of shrinkage from dying it .
Also , I need it to fit over the armor & jumpsuit.
I'm a 36" waist (yeah I know, I know)
what size do I need to buy?

I found a 42" but don't know if will shrink enough.
I bought a 36" 60% rayon / 40% wool girth from Stateline tack (on sale mind you) & wondered if it would shrink too much.

Help a bruva out.
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...PM crazy4BobaFett
...she got me 2 of them...and she is local too...

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Get a board and put 4 screws/nails in it to hold the belt at the length you need it.
Once you dye it, while it's still wet, stretch it onto the board. Mine was a little tight getting it back on the screws but once on there you're set. Let it dry and you're good to go.

*ETA: I'm sure you already know the buckles shouldn't touch each other on you, but just in case.;)
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