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Hello everybody,

I've finally collected (nearly) all of the pieces I'll need for my Jango armor, but I've never constructed a suit before, and I was wondering what the recommended method of attaching Sintra plates to fabric (the vest and flight suit). I was thinking of using some Velcro, but I'm not sure if that will hold, and I'd rather ask the experts before I screw it up.

Also, am I correct in assuming that pretty much any paint that works on PVC would work on Sintra?
Use "Industrial Velcro" The regular stuff won't work, sew the loop part to your vest and use polyurethane glue to attach the hook part to the back of your armor pieces (beware! don't use alot of the glue it expands, a nice thin even coat will work fine) snaps are another option but IMO only needed for fiberglass armor. Also your vest fabric MUST be heavy, like canvas or tackle twill otherwise the armor pieces will hang and look like crap.
1. Heavy Duty Snaps (Available at Micheals in the Leather Section)

2. The Instructions.

3. Take a small piece of plastic, I used ABS, drill a hole in it, and hammer in the male snap.

4. Glue the sucker on to the armour. I used ABS cement.

5. Cut a small hole in the vest and hammer in the female snap. Be sure you konw where you want the armour first, I used a piece of compressed charcoal from my art box and marked the circle on the male snap, then I placed it where I wanted onto the vest so it'd leave a mark.

Voila, il a fini.
Thanks so much for the help everybody, it's greatly appreciated. I'll go get the Velcro and some snaps after work today and see how it works. If I have any problems I'll be sure to come back for more help, and if it doesn't turn out too badly I may add some pictures.

And to answer the fan force question, no, unfortunately I'm not in the Tucson chapter yet. When I get this suit finished and looking decent I'm definitely going to apply though.
im going to be doing the snap method on my cade skywalker you can also get those snap from Tandy Leather if there is one in yer area
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