Sintra (Expanded PVC) Thickness for ESB / ROTJ?

Bob A Feet

Jr Hunter
Hi everyone,

I was wondering, what thickness of Sintra do people use when making Boba Fett armor? Seems like people go with either 3mm or 6mm.

I'm currently looking for material locally, so I might have my choice of either thickness. My helmet is done, so I'm really just looking at the yellow pieces (shoulder and knee armor) as well as the green chest ones and codpiece.

As a side question, do people usually use Sintra for the knee armor? I found a build on YouTube where someone used a piece of PVC pipe. I was thinking 6mm for that, but idk if using the same thickness for the rest of the armor would look weird or not.

I definitely need to redo the shoulder and knee armor on my costume. If I have time (and motivation) I might redo the rest of the armor as well.