attaching ears????????


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this is a question for all you MS owners out there. Jordy has made us a Fantastic helmet. I give nothing but HIGH prazes for mine. how have you guys attached the MS ears?????????:confused :confused :confused :confused :confused :confused

I've tried everything...Super Glue...Two Part EPOXY...Screws..
SO FAR I'm not satified with any way...SO I'm With you.
Someone please answer this question.........:confused
I'm actually looking for suggestions on attacing the face plate on my 3-piece rangfinder earpiece. I was going to use magnets, but I'm not sure if that would interfere with my aluminum RF. Should I be concerned or will it be fine?
I cant try those methods yet. AFFO$$$$ hasent finished the paint job yet. I just want to be ready when it gets back. I would like to do a one shot deal on it.
2 part epoxy and super glue "gell" will work on your mask just make sure to clean the surface with rubing alcohal and score both parts with rough sandpaper or a sharp tool so that the glue has something to adhere permenantly too instead of a smooth possilby contaminated surface.
il probably end up drilling a small hole into the ear piece and pinning it on as well as glueing..
i might not drill all the way thru so as not to expose a hole but if it does its not biggy simple little bit of filler/bondo would fix it in about 5 minuts...

at least this way it will have less chance of coming apart due to a lack of adherance with the glue
I'll be using magnets to attach the RF side ear piece...the other parts I'll be using gorilla glue and I'll be sure to post pictures for people to see.
i used epoxy on my gril for my 1973 nova and is rock solid. So im not sure why ur earpiece wouldnt stay. I used that white and black epoxy miz up stuff that dries completly in like 10 mintues.
Ive started the process of drilling a hole large enough to countersink a nut into the earpiece so I can tighten up the screw from the inside of the helmet and tighten it up without striping the screw hole in the resin.
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