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I'd like to be able to draw and the like but sadly, I'm not all that great at it-to put it mildly...My problem is that I need to create a really awesome Syntir Clan sigil or symbol and I don't really think the one I've drawn is worth two dead flies...I'll post a pic of a stencil I made as I have no scanner. I'd like to stick with the spade shaped "devils tail" or whatever as I have plans on making a signature weapon similar in design.Other than the spade shaped tail, everything else can go and let your imagination run wild. So are there any artists out there that would be willing to take pity on my meager artistic skill and take a stab at creating the Syntir clan symbol? It doesn't have to be all that fancy, just something cool which will make folks inquire about it etc...I would really, really appreciate any help you could give me on this as I'm just not able to create something worthwhile at present...Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!!!
How is this one? Sorry it's small, but I have the original as an Illustrator file. That means it's vectorized so I can scale it as needed and it still stays clean. I hope this helps you out a bit. If you need different formats, size or color, as long as it's not to astronomical, I can give you a hand.

That's a cool design you did! I gave it a bit more 'tribal' look to it. I've always liked that style and your first design already had that look to it.

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