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After a very long time I took out my Paasche double action airbrush to do some weathering and after the first 5 minutes the air started coming back into the paint cup causing the paint to bubbling out. I have since soaked and cleaned the airbrush, but still am having the same issues. Any suggestions??

~first, how did u soak the brush?? did u emerse the whole air brush or dissasemble it? if u soaked the whole brush u can damage it causing the gasket in the air valve seat to absorb moisture which then casues air leaks... ~ second do u have a moisture trap on ur hose line? u may have debree in ur air vale seat as well.....also make sure ur the needle guide is tightened properly, and ur tip as well. also what psi are u running at?? for paint and med weight materials u should be between 15-35 psi ( 20-25 in most cases).........if all this fails, dissamble the entire brush, do not soak the rubber gaskets, but clean them w/ a q -tip soaked in airbrush cleaner, then soak all ur metal parts in clenaer over nite if u need to. it usually a old paint clog or a air leak that casues ur problem... ne questions feel free to pm me :cheers
Are you using canned air or a compressor? If canned air, you may be getting freeze issues. If it takes some time and doesn't happen from the outset then that would be my first guess.

Sounds like a good 'ol paint clog. Jluck nailed your cleaning treatment on the head.

Try spraying a test run without the tip and run down his cleaning steps from there.
Thanks for all the help guys. Like I said I hadn't taken the brush out in years. I did soak the metal pieces over night. I am starting to think that the gaskets may be no good. Any ideas were to find new ones??
first, look at the gaskets. are they "smushed" looking or dry rotted? and also the smallest particle of paint, and i mean small can casue issues. in most cases so small u cant really see it. take a pipe cleaner with " fine" bristles, soak it w/ cleaner then run it through the barrell of ur brush severla times. then inspect it for any discoloration. if u see some spots still use a dental pick or a sewing needle and VERY gently scrape it away. do this w/ all parts metal " needle, barrell, tips, needle guide tip etc" does ur needle feel " hard" to push through the brush?? if so t hat can tell u that u still have a clog or possibly even a bent needle tip, so inspect ur needle as well.... and if u have a local hobby shop that sells pacche they should stock ur replacement parts. if not u can go to there website and get some things there....let me no if u need more assitance. ill be glad to help :cheers
Also I use a "sonic cleaner" (for jewellery, $25 at walmart) that I put my airbrush parts in. As mentioned above, do NOT soak any parts that have the rubber/plastic gaskets.
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