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Please pardon my ignorance here but I've got a question about Boba and the films I've never really understood.
Between ESB and ROTJ, Boba wears two different styles of armor. Easily explained if you've got two sets
of mandilorian armor. My question pertains to the helmet. Does Boba have two helmets? and if so why would
the dent be in the exact same place? or has it simply been repainted? and if that's the case what's he been up
to the last few years to damage it so much? and why wouldn't he have painted over the dent?
Long question short, what's the story between the two helmets!? :confused
Well also the fact that the ROTJ is less weathered then the ESB. It is like it got cleaner with a newer paint job.
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Good question but it seems like their really isn't much to tell about that. True the exact same dent is on the same side of the ESB and ROTJ helms. Theirs probably just one explanation to it, the different color of the helmet in Jedi just simply explains that Fett has been on other missions and probably decided to have a new paint job but purposely leaving the dent noticeable. I mean what are the odds on Fett having 2 helms and getting shot on the same exact spot of the domes.
I like to believe that during all his bounty hunting
to various planets and moons changed the helmets look. The weather conditions changed and even covered up some of the damaged spots. I mean, could you really see the Fett himself sitting there in the Slave 1 with a paint brush doing tedious work?
Perhaps Fett has a little piece of something that sticks out on Slave 1 that he keeps whacking his pumpkin on which keeps denting the helmet in the same place? :D
That woul explain why we se Boba wearing his helmet inside his ship when he' about to presue the Millenium Falcon into the asteroid field.
Here is the real question, (Why are their two suits with VERY suttle diffrences) untill I came here, I never noticed they were two diffrent suits.
Well this is what i think. Back up armor mostly every mandalorian has some. But still been awhile since the mandalorian war with the jedi. Maybe the back up armor religion died out hmmmmmmm.
I heard a rumor that He got the dent in his helmet from Chewbacca's father which he killed. The dent is very special to him and I doubt He changes helmets. He also is in many battles on Ord Mandel (sp) collecting bounties on people trying to steal goods to fix there ship, Han Solo being one of them.

I cannot find where I read that but it was an interview with Ralph McQuarry.

Remember the line (The Bounty Hunter We ran into on Ord Mandel changed my mind)

He doesnt put a kill mark on every kill just bounties He collects, He is in so many more battles according to the comic books.

In Shadows of the empire He takes a heavy pounding from IG-88 so it is possible He painted his armor a different paint sceme to maybe change allies or whatever reason, but IG-88 is probubly the reason it got torn up agian.

But after He blows IG to pieces with a rocket launcher He doesnt add a mark at all, What I gather is He is trying to rid the Galaxy of corruption that consumed the world He was raised on (Concord Dawn) and ultimitly banned from which He was somehow responislbe for blowing up.

But news of the last Jedi made his tactics sloppy and He got caught up with getting revenge on a Jedi which was Skywalker., He should have been aiming for Han instead of Han.

I'd really like to know is what His armor looked like after He got out of Carkoon. someone should make that outfit ;)

Maybe I'm way off, but I always assumed he inherrited the helmet (and the rest of the armor) from Jango, since Jango's helmet was dented in about the same spot in the arena battle. It was hard to see clearly in the movie, but I know I saw the dent there after he got stomped by the reek. And the Hasbro Jango Fett Final Battle figure (with the removable head!) has the dent in the same spot as Boba's. My assumption is that it's the same armor all along, and perhaps he just repaints it every now and then, which explains the dent being on both the ESB and ROTJ helmets. In the Bounty Hunter Wars books, when he escapes the Sarlacc, it mentions him having a spare set of armor stashed away (maybe this is why he has different gauntlets in ESB and ROTJ?) but nothing about a spare helmet. Just my two cents.
Hmmm sounds like a good idea. A Boba fett escape from carkoon bobafett suit. Intresting but for now i rather work on my custom suit called Slades mandalorian armor. But the idea sounds good. But i hope the right leg is not to torn up it might be cold out Lol.

As for the two helmets it seems that he has one and went threw alot of history and battles. But still this is a mystery.
.....or......the guys in the ILM prop department painted them at different times not thinking that 20+ years later an internet discussion forum would be realize that they were different. ;)

From what I have gathered, Joe Johnston painted all or at least some of the Boba helmets. There are several different paint schemes floating around, but the screen used ESB and RotJ helmets have garnered the most attention. Here is a picture from RotJ filming in which you see Boba wearing the ESB helmet (during the skiff battle). Again, who would have thought we'd catch it?

::Edit:: pic link added
Ya, there is so many variations to the suit I think you could have a blue jumpsuit with a ROTJ armor or vis versa and the average joe wouldnt notice the difference, or any other switch around you might personaly want.

If you think it looks good do it I say. I'm not doing ROTJ Boba or ESB Boba myself. I am working on what I think Boba looked like at the time of Shadows of the Empire from comic book pictures and action figure models there is even a few passages from a novels that make it a point that some things about his suit where different. during the time of Xizor, After His battle with IG-88

I will try nad have the over-the-shoulder rocket launcher He uses to kill IG.

I cant find any pictures on the web but I have all the SoTE darkhorse comics with him.
Actually, Joe claims he only painted one suit. Though, I wouldn't be suprised if he painted two, including the ESB helmet.

<acronym title="Rouge Studios">RS</acronym> talked the prop maker who painted at least three helmets, which included the Preproduction 2 helmet and the Jedi Helmet.

From what we've been able to gather and as Fettish said, I just don't think they paid much attention to the variations. "Boba Fett is Boba Fett."
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