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Hey guys,
I'm finally getting around to posting some pics of my completed ESB Fett. I met a few of you here and there at C3. It was great meeting you guys. I did all the paint work, the armor, helm, and jet pack are MLC. Gauntlets are Ruffkin. Jumpsuit is a Starfortress. I still need to get accurate gloves, and adjust the color on my ammo belt. I'm also waiting on my EE3 from Starfire. Other than those minor things, it is complete. What do you guys think?

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huh, interesting, I've never noticed that before now. It looks like it is just wraped around the ankle.-Aaron
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WOW!!!!! Those pictures are fantastic!!!! If you're open to some freindly suggestions, the big belt pouches should attach to the ammo belt right under the littler ammo pouches via velcro. Geeze....that suit looks awesome!!!
Looking really good!
Also, attach your pouches to your ammo belt rather than under your girth, and wear them at the front above your thigh pouches ;)
Friendly suggestions are welcome, I'm still tweaking it here and there, and those pouches have allways bugged me. I need to figure out a good way to keep them attaced to the ammo belt as one of them holds my speaker system and it's a tad heavy.

Velcro should do the trick for you. Thats what I used on mine and I also have my speaker in one of the pouches. Holds just fine. I'll try to get a pic for you when I get home tonite;)
Mine hold my speakers too, I used industrial strength veclro, the kind with the sticky pack, and put some strips on the back of the ammo pouches. It holds them perfectly, and keeps the pouches from sliding around.
Very nice! Wish the one I put togther looked as good as yours! On a side note the non-decaled shpulder bell should be a yellowish orange rather than just yellow.
Wow... bad @ss! I LOVE those pictures!

As for constructive suggestions, tuck in your neckseal. ;)

Man, I love these studio shots... I've got to get some done.
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