1mm Foamboard Help

boba trooper

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Hi Everyone

I need help im after some 1mm foamboard but not sure where I can get any in the UK, I have managed to find 3mm and 5mm but need some 1mm too and cant find any, anyone know where I can get some or point me in the right direction please.



boba trooper

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ahhhh coool mate i might give them a call for some 1mm and 3mm foamboard as ive got some 5mm now, thinking of doing something new but not sure what yet, still reserching and getting pics for stuff.


Jr Hunter
That's the only place I could find googling for 1mm.

If you're looking for thicker (I know you're not at the minute) but signwholesale.co.uk is reliable (I bought 5mm from there)