Yep, another bucket progress thread


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Oh, and if anyone notices, I totally redid the dent. It used to be just a crator. After painting it, I was very unpleased, so I half filled and reshaped the whole thing. I like it much better now.


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Got some more done. Its really coming along now! Almost done, just going through, finding any scratches I missed. Then, I need to weather, then highlight some of the scratches again, since some scratches are weathered and some have the fresh look. I am pretty happy with it, but probably like everyone else, there are parts that I with were better. Thanks to Spidey, I have added the crack and repair. I am working on the ears. The left ear is pretty much done. I am adding a spot for the micro switch and wires in the rangefinder ear, along with magnets. I also painted the interior of the bucket black to avoid any light refelction. I also bought a Bobamaker MQ-1 board, which is painted and ready to install. I had to take these inside since there is 2 feet of snow ouside. The color isn't too bad though, a little lighter than actual-





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Thanks guys! Paul, I followed your MSH1 progress thread closely as I am working on mine. Hopefully I can get mine to be at least decent compared to yours. I am getting real picky at this point, I didn't like the way my white spots turned out on the back. They look good but should line up more. The problem is that my kill stripes are back about 1/4 inch too far or so, so it throws everything off just a little. Oh well, this is my first ESB bucket, and can't do much to change it now without a ton of work. I am going to try and line up the white spots a little better. I also want to work on my crack repair a little more, its just not quite right to me right now. If anyone else sees anything I can improve, without a bunch of rework, please let me know. Hopefully I will be doing some weathering tonight(y)


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More progress pics. Got the ears going, still need to finish the stalk and cap for right side. I got the crack/repair looking much better now and fixed the white spots in the back. Added details like tape residue under the kill stripes, brown splatter on right ear, tan splatter on mandables. I took these pics outside real quick this morning to get natural light but the flash still came on with all the pics except the straight on front, so once again my colors look a little off. Gotta figure out how to use the camera. I will take any last minute advice I can before completion. I know Spidyfett will notice the lack of blue marker. Don't worry bro, will add it once I get a darker blue marker than the one I got:p



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It looks incredible!!! The talent here is amazing. I hope mine ends up as well as yours. Still working on my mandibles. How did you achieve the tan paint splatters?


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Thanks bro, right back at ya. I always love the work you crank out. Hey, I actually did kinda look like that once I finally got the bucket to this point:lol: Took some more last night with no flash to show off the true colors a bit-



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