Yep, another bucket progress thread


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Well, seeing all the new threads flying around, has inspired me to get going on my second bucket that I have been letting just sit around. It's a MSH fiberglass, but I don't know the make on it. If someone could help me out, that would be great. It is a bit bigger than my DP96. Going for an ESB theme this time, want to try something else-


Got the basic colors on, my Rogue studios list. I bought the enamel boxcar red this time, so I didn't have to mix. Kill stripes applied topically. Big thanks to Evan for the template, it works perfect-


Mrgr8ness - you got me this time :lol: . I am stilling waiting to cast my bucket yet alone begin the paint job.

btw nice start to the bucket (y)
I would love to try and build my own bucket, but I really dont have the time right yet. I really need to produce a finished costume. I am starting to paint the back of this bucket. Figured I would start with the hard part first, and get it out of the way
Been awhile, but I have been busy and really trying to take my time with this bucket. I have the back section complete, minus the weathering. I am very happy with it so far-



WOW :eek:'ve completed the hardest part .....and If the back is any indication of what the rest of the Bucket might look like... Then I can't wait to see it completed...Great Work NIC!..(y)
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Thanks for the kind words guys. Probably never be a Spideyfett paintjob, but..... Anyone have an idea who the maker of this bucket might be? I'd like to find out. Oh, and I need advice on attaching the ears. May just Goop them on, but may consider other methods.
Ok, had a little time over the weekend and yesterday to start, what I think is the second hardest- the mandables. Still have a little left to do on the right side, but I am pretty happy with it. Still have a bit of brow work to do, should have it done in the next few days. I really want to get the "cat scratch" done soon too-

Digging this thread up from the grave. I've made more progress, slowly but surely. I found my back deck is a great place to take pictures in the morning to get good natural light to make the colors look the way they really are. I have the mandables pretty much done, even did the tan speckles. Got the cheeks pretty much done. The front of the dome is about done, but still need to do the black marks. Will add those when I get the killstripe side done. No weathering has been done yet. I am pretty pleased with the progress-


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