Y-wing / A-Wing helmet ROTJ scratchbuild

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by Dex, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. bojaGun

    bojaGun Member

    Great work!
    thanks for info. & reference pics (y)
  2. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    It's not 100% screen accurate (some of the scratches are close but not in exactly the right place) but it is pretty close!

    The black scorching is next followed by an allover wash to grubby it up!
  3. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi all,
    10 months since my last update I figured it was time to get this thing completed and some updates done!
    Been really busy with stuff so not had chance to touch the lid for ages but I got busy with the distressing today.


    Starting with the light grey airbrushing....


    ..and some on this side too. I slowly darkened the grey in 20% increments so there's 5 shades by the next photo...


    Here's where I am about now. I've got to stencil the grey scorching on the left lower side but that it the painting nearly done.
    A little more distressing on the chipped silver and little here and there.

    More updates soon (hopefully!)




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  4. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Now that's an update! :)
    Looking really good, Rich. Love that last shot. The airbrushed weathering
    gives it that nice, grungy appearance.
    When I did my Richie's Armor Y-Wing helmet, I think I used four different colors
    for the airbrushed weathering. A couple of grays, an earthy brown, and a sort
    of rusty color (applied very sparingly.)
  5. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Yeah, sneaking up on the wear and tear slowly is the way to go, definitely!
    Varying shades too. I applied paint and removed it minutes later with turpentine on ear buds.

    Looking OK! Hopefully get a bit more done tomorrow!

    All good practice before I start on my Fett helmet!
  6. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Got a little more done. Drilled the hole for the mic. Added more scorching, more fine scratches. Also added some subtle paint that a lot of people miss...

    (Actual Prop) The grey bands on the inner edge, these aren't symetrical but they're no the prop either!

    (Actual Prop) Some yellow over spray that is pretty much the width of my masking tape that runs straight through the Yamaha greeblie.

    ..also the left hand side lower scorching where there would have been a greeblie before someone (George?) removed it.




    ..and that's where I'm pretty much up to.
    Next is maybe a final bit of distressing on the top. Find and fix the 9 screws and final fit (with aluminium) of the goggles.

  7. Karasuryn

    Karasuryn Member

    Looking great!
  8. Wolfsburg

    Wolfsburg Jr Member

    This is really cool! Not a helmet I've seen too often!
  9. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Thankyou! I just wished I was quicker! Working on this and other projects on and off means it's taken longer than I hoped!
  10. boba trooper

    boba trooper Active Member

    Nice work Dex, emailed you a few time but no reply but I know your busy so when your ready is fine mate I need to chat to you.
  11. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi Bobatrooper, just sent you an email. Thanks for the kind words by the way!


    Since the last update I've added the 9 brass screws and distressed them with paint so they look tired and tarnished.

    Mic b4 and after.jpg
    Cut some steel rod to size, added the mic tip and added some rubber piping.

    Cut a piece of leatherette and wrapped it around some plastic tube for the front padding section....
    Bonded in the mic, the leatherette section, bonded the goggles in permanently now.



    ..and I'm getting close now! I'm still considering screen printing some decals for the front.
    I may add a touch more scorching, but I think I'm about 95% there!! Taken me waaayyyy too long!!
    Happy with the results though!! :D
  12. ywingfighter

    ywingfighter Jr Member

    Thhey looks fantastic,Rich! Great work!
  13. boba trooper

    boba trooper Active Member

    hey Dex that looks fantastic hope mine looks that good when its done, but need to know where you get the visor as I need one and can only find xwing fighter ones and it don't look right am I best scratching one or you know where I can bag one of them.
  14. BobaFiend

    BobaFiend Member

    What method did you use for the fine nicks and scratches? Love the effect.
  15. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi the visor I formed myself with a vacuum former, there's pictures of the former on page 1. If I were you yes, I'd scratch build one.

    The scratches, if you mean the chips? The whole thing was painted silver first and maskol-ed where I wanted to leave silver (chipped though the paint). The upper layers of paint were added while keeping the lower layers masked, the stuff is rubber based so I rubs off easily. Are those the scratches you meant?

    The technique is much the same as those in the Boba Fett helmet build up's on here. Some of the "really" fine marks were literally scraping through the dark paint while it was still soft. Not too deep, just deep enough!

    It will take you a good while to do if you do it properly enough to look convincing! The time spent is worth it though!!
    Hope this helps!!

  16. joshimus

    joshimus New Member

    I know this is an old thread but thought I would post up a couple of my Y Wing helmet pics that I got from Rich. Im most of the way through and still have to attach visor, chin padding, mic and going to install inner knee pad foam, along with some more minor weathering etc

    My first time using enamel paint and the layered paint effect. Just want to say a HUGE thanks to Rich firstly for his awesome helmet but more so for being really patient with all my questions and giving great advice. Thanks mate

    IMG_5019.JPG IMG_5020.JPG IMG_5021.JPG IMG_5022.JPG
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  17. boba trooper

    boba trooper Active Member

    Joshimus that's looking really good, do you have the paint colours you used as I cant seem to get my ones right.
  18. Matty Matt

    Matty Matt Active Member

    Yeah, that looks nice. I like the weathering. Great work.
  19. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi, no problem Josh! I've only just seen the updates on this thread. Glad you're happy with the lid! Looks great.

    Bobatrooper - the paint you may have to tint a touch but most were off the shelf Humbrols. If you get really stuck ask and either I or Josh will be able to advise you on colours.

  20. wtyler3

    wtyler3 New Member

    Hi all, as a new guy into this, anyone know if Dex is still around? Would love to get one of these helmet kits.
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  21. mr paul

    mr paul New Member

    I would like to reach Dex as well. Would love one of his Y wing kits.
  22. hakiran

    hakiran New Member

    i’ll be a big wet and dry job before I start looking at making up a mould..... silicone moulding will be a new experience for me!
    ..oh and I will upload one of my head or a dummy's head soon! The scale to my mind is about right...
  23. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi, sorry for the silence! Changed my email and not checked in for a good while. I may do a few more, just had some more goggles formed. If I do, I'll do my best to get back to everyone who's interested in one.

    Kind Regards, Rich :)
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  24. mr paul

    mr paul New Member

    Put me on your list for a helmet and goggles please. Would love one if you choose to do a run again Amazing looking bucket. Thank you for responding.
  25. wtyler3

    wtyler3 New Member

    I will take a couple of goggles also

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