Y-wing / A-Wing helmet ROTJ scratchbuild

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by Dex, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi all,
    I just thought I'd show you all some of my current project (in between working on the dalek).
    I always really liked the ROTJ Y&A wing helmets and I fancied a scratch build, whilst I wait on a Boba helmet to get here from the US.

    I started initially with all the reference pics I could find on the net from SW exhibitions and draw it up in Illustrator. From here I started work on a 3D render with StudioMax. I was considering build it up in Pepakura, but thought I'd build up the way it would have been by crew in the 80's with carving around a few motorcycle helmets.

    Here are a couple of pics of the rendering.

    RJS render 1.jpg RJS render 2.jpg

    ...and some of the progress.

    stage-14-(1)-sm.jpg stage-14-(6)-sm.jpg

    The plan is get a decent buck made I'm happy with and make a mould from there.

    I will probably hold on from update pictures though until its about complete. I thought I'd let people know what I was working on!!




    RJS render 2.jpg

    RJS render 1.jpg
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  2. Scott Kaufmann

    Scott Kaufmann The Dent Community Staff

    Nice, you don't see that helmet design often. 'm looking forward to following your build. It's always fun to see any helmet build.
  3. BGHunter

    BGHunter Active Member

    Off to a great start , Its good to see the less popular helmets getting love.
  4. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Thanks a lot for the comments guys!

  5. Carlito

    Carlito New Member

    Looking good!
  6. Heatshock

    Heatshock Member

    Looking gd. Nice to see more uk sculptors.
    if u go down a slush casted route, happy to point u in the right direction mate.
  7. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi, thankyou Heatshock!
    It's getting there and has moved on a little further since the above pictures.
    Not like I need to think about it for a while, but I will probably go the fibreglass route (I've more experience of this after building a dalek dome) and plan to make the helmet in separate pieces.... that's my thinking at the moment anyway!
    I want to have a practice with moulding in silicone too.

    Best Regards,
    Dex (Rich)
  8. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi, thought I'd let you all see a bit more progress on my rebel lid.
    It's definitely heading in the right direction with a lot of the big work done.


    I still need to work 2-3 areas I'm not happy with, and of course chop out for the greeblies areas.
    Scale in my opinion seems about right.


    See what you all think! I don't start moulding until I'm happy with it, but I am pleased with this for my first scratchbuild sculpt.

    Dex (Rich)
  9. Heatshock

    Heatshock Member

    looking good mate
    I think the RA kit is a bit too big tbh
    there is an identified piece for the greeb in the ear

    graham on RPF (get urself registered over there if you havent yet mate) took loadsa pics at the O2 exhibition a few years ago and let everyone have access to his pics - O2 Arena Star Wars Musical Experience - a set on Flickr


    the side greeb has been identified as well mate

    Yamaha engine casing from a Tamiya 1/6 XS1100 is thought to be the part. Lots of parts from that kit were used in during ROTJ times eg ATST parts

    lmk if you need any help, although you prob have moer than enough experience if you have done Dalek builds (come on mate, pics?). I always had problems with gel coats etc. Slushing is just so much easier. But then again, you do with what you are most comfortable with! Also if you decide to go down the vac form route, I know a good vac form guy in the UK ;)

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  10. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi, thanks!
    I found his pics on Flickr when I was looking for reference and it's his I use for an overlay when doing comparison photos.
    There are pics of my Dalek and some of this build on Flickr too under the name Savaus.

    I've got some greeblies for the helmet from a friend in Germany so that's something I don't have to make!

    I've no experience of slushing, but I'm getting better at glassing, so I will go the GRP route.
    The goggles I will want Vac formed of course, and will want someones guidance there! Not done any since Art College 20 years ago!!

    Dex (Rich)
  11. Heatshock

    Heatshock Member

    Ill show u slushing if u show me how to glass mate, I always make a right mess
    if u using silicone mold, should be able to slush w it too!! 45 min to do it,, demold in 30 min :)

    I have always had probs w visors. Many have suggested ptfe, which comes clear, but can be dyed to the right colour. Check w mojo fett or bobby fett uk, both have vav former exp
  12. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Mmmm... interesting! I'm not fibreglass expert mind you, but any gelcoating pointers, just ask! Took me a while to get it right.

    I'll drop you a message when I get closer to making a mould up. I've not made a silicone mould yet, but I've seen plenty on the web that looks useful.
    I looked through a tut of a clone pilot helmet scatchbuild by EVO3 was it? That build up was really quite impressive and vac'd his goggles.
    Off over the garage/workshop and do some more tweaking shortly!

  13. Heatshock

    Heatshock Member

    yeah pls do mate, the more of us doing builds like this in the UK the better!!
    yep. I know abt Evo legendary builds, spoken to him a few times when I 1st started too
    I have done several small silicone molds, and 3 helmet ones so far.
    see this link - Hs Gm Bucket - A New Attempt - 501st CloneTroopers Detachment
    lmk before you splash the cash too, got some nice links to supplies - pm sent

  14. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi here's a few more pictures of the progress. The front needed a little flatten as it was too round and that now looks more correct.


    Also the hole (which will be an indent) with a chamfer for the side greeblie. Next up is the front lower chin greeblie indent and finish the rest of the indents including the connector indent. Which is the identity chip (apparently!!) Looks like a MOLEX connector to me!!


    Then another touch of primer and a bit more tweaking until it is as good as I can possibly make it.

  15. Heatshock

    Heatshock Member

    man thats looking real nice
    great shape, any change to see it on your head?

  16. ywingfighter

    ywingfighter Jr Member

    Fantastic work,Rich !
  17. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Thanks guys! I'll take a picture of it on my head (or a dummy's) head soon! (Might be the same thing!!) :lol:
    Slowly but surely getting there!!

  18. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi, here yet more pictures of my progress before I give it another coat of primer and see if I can find much else wrong with it.
    From what many reference pics I have, I don't think I'm far off and will do too much more to it....
    Stage 33 web 1.jpg



    Then it'll be a big wet and dry job before I start looking at making up a mould..... silicone moulding will be a new experience for me!
    ..oh and I will upload one of my head or a dummy's head soon! The scale to my mind is about right...

    Dex (Rich)
  19. ywingfighter

    ywingfighter Jr Member

  20. redkraytdragon

    redkraytdragon Active Member

    Beautiful work!! :)
  21. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Thanks! Here's another few of it back in primer... still a few minor changes to be made, but it's feeling quite close now.



    After this I've just closed up the front section in preparation for the moulding process. Anyone got any links on here to a step by step moulding process?
    Heatshock, I think I need your advice regarding moulding! Overall though I feel I'm getting there!

  22. SEEKER

    SEEKER Well-Known Member

    that's beautiful. I want one!
  23. ywingfighter

    ywingfighter Jr Member

    there are some step by step moulding thtreads on therpf forum.Will see if I found some and send you the links.
  24. ywingfighter

    ywingfighter Jr Member

  25. Dex

    Dex Jr Member

    Hi thanks!
    That one and the one Heatshock mailed me of his build is great. Arca Barracks :: Building a New Lid - WE MUST DO BETTER. That tutorial is pretty good, but you need to register with Arca Barracks...

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