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  • Hey buddy hope you are well! I may need a new Jango lid. How does yours compare to the old asok....size, CC etc....Thaks and hope to hear from you soon.
    Hey there! I too am interested in a Jango helmet kit! Will want to mod it into a The Mandalorian helmet...unless you make those already? ;) thank you
    Interested in coldcast Jango helmet - your name was recommended on the BHG forum, so I though't I'd write you and see!
    Throw me a reply when you can/have time. :)
    Hello, need jango armor kit. possibly helmet. are you still making these? if so what is the time and cost? thanks
    Hey there, I’m interested in getting a complete Jango helmet. Just wondering about price and info like that. Thanks!
    Are you selling just the Knees ? Thank you
    Hello, I’m interested in a Jango Fett Helmet kit. Could you send me prices please? Thanks so much

    I am very interested in your rotj armor. Would you please send me and email to I always forget about this site lol

    Thank you

    Andre D
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