WIP AOSW guantlets and chest armor new pics 9/23


Jr Hunter
I've got the right upper shell about 75% done.


What do you think?
Hee ..Hee ..

I love it ... accuracy ... hmmmmmmm (best Homer Simpson voice)


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Fettpride and 907, thanks.
Here's some more pics. The color is a much darker brandy color in realife.

Thanks LynnTXP for the laser barrel idea. Turned out great!


This is an orginal FP rocket that will be swapped out at a later date.



All the weathering on these is topical(painted on top).
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Here are some pics of the real AOSW Fett to compare too.


::Edit:: Had to remove the way-too-big second image (1712x1368!)
Mrs TK0000 sewed the vest. I cut out the parts from a modified Richies Armor patern. I even had her mess up the stiches on the left shoulder like the real one ;)
Those look great. I am almost finised with my ESB gauntlets. I am having trouble finding the 4 darts on the right gauntlet
and the tube above them. Does anyone make these? I know that some people uses ink pen tips but I would like to use something
more accurate.
Thanks, Darren
Damn, those look great! I'm in the middle of finishing my new ROTJ gauntlets up(just hinged them up):D, I hope they look as good as yours do!:cheers
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