Where do I buy these parts for my FP ROTJ gauntlets???


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Where do I buy the following parts for my FP ROTJ gauntlets? I've circled the different parts by different colors for easy clarification.



Darts (red circles) - ????
Hose connectors (purple circles) - ????
Nozzles barrels (yellow circles) - ????
Small buttons (orange circles) - ????

If anyone can designate to me what these parts are and where I can buy them at, it would be a great help. Thank you for help.
At radio shack
You can get the buttons there,as well as the flamethrower nozzles.
The nozzles are coax cable connectors.I think tk-409 has the part #'s in his site

Here is what they look like installed
Thank you so much, slave1pilot!! I really appreciate the links!!

Does anyone know where I can get the parts where I circled them with purple and red circles?

cal196 wrote:

Did you attack a switch to turn on the LED or do you just plug it up and go?
Yes,I installed aswitch on the left gauntlet,inner arm ,that controls the switch
Here's the light on:

Are you going to ask for the swith part # & a wiring diagram next? ;)
I had to order those parts from Radio Shack since they didn't have them in stock.

How do you attach the flamethrower nozzles in place?
I cut the tips off of the resin ones,dis-assembled the coax cable ends, Filed down th resin ends so that the coax cable ends would fit over the resin.
Sound hard ? It's not after you start the task

I have no knowledge of wiring and such. I usually just run the battery straight to the light. Can you post the info on how you ran the switch?

Switches from radio shack usualy come with instructions for wiring. If not ask the man/women behind the desk. They should know.
The kids that work at the Radio Shacks here can barely tell me where or what a part is, much less how to wire one.

Blow someones mind with a SPDT .....or a DPDT :lol: I debated lighting up my ESB whipcord lights,but just didn't feel like it at the time.........I see how cool it looks now and I think it'll be my first mod............and I'm not even done the paintjob on my helmet yet :lol:

I just received my parts in the mail from Radio Shack. The pushbutton switches seem a bit too big though compared to the one pictured in reference photo. Is there a smaller size for these? The model #275-609 looks too big.
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