Pistols Westar-34 MR quality full metal repoductions.


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The first run of 30 has already sold out. The second run of 25 should be done in about 2 weeks. Keep checking the link as soon as they are ready it will show the quantity in stock. AOTC-JF Blaster Kit


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Holy crap, dream grail right there...I've always wanted to input a custom soundboard in some Westar's but there is not enough room.


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Yes... even for electronics... I got a bit more room by putting only two AAA batteries... LEDs work very good so (even with a 3w central LED)... I also removed the plastic tube...


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I got mine yesterday, and have the first one assembled (left). To the right is the 3D printed one that I modeled up last week.

One interesting comment -- I've only unwrapped one of them so far, but this one had 3 different colored LEDs included. There were 2 blue, 2 green and 2 red. I replaced them all with blue (because I like the look of blue -- I'm being merciful and setting my blasters to stun I guess), but definitely listen to the "check the colors of your LEDs" advice in the build guide and be prepared to swap some out.

I also had a hard time getting the brass tube to fit... not sure what I was doing wrong but it was about 1/8" too long. I trimmed it down rather than fussing about it too much.



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That 3D print is very impressive. Both are wonderful. The metal ones would look great on display!


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Just ordered the last 2 they had up for this run! Grail pieces for Jango armor. They were a long time coming but I'm excited to get them!


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LOL! Sorry not sorry...Like you, I've been waiting a long time for these and had been away...logged in last night and saw they were in a production run and jumped on em. Looks like they'll make more so no worries. :D