Webley...Rubber EE-3 Blaster


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Seeker, do we really have to tell you to weather that barrel? The guns look amazing, wish I could have fit this into my budget :(


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gorman said:
DAMN YOU!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!! I can't wait for mine to arrive!!!

well I didnt buy one but wished I had. so im going with the words above just with out the "I can't wait for mine to arrive!!!" But I must say that they look great. Can tell you put way to much work into it!!!!! Then again Ive seen some of your other work and id have to say its the best so I wouldnt expect any thing less.:)


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OMG. Well. I did screw some of you guys out of your guns for C3. I trully am sorry. As I said before, I will make it good somehow. I shipped all guns. Those that were in the country shipped overnight and 2nd day depending on when they left. UPS kind of screwed me up a little with their interpretation of "2nd day" shipping.

Not for simpathy but to let you guys know, I paid $620 in additional shipping fees trying to get them to you guys. I should have shipped them sooner but I really was slammed at work.

I worked every night until about 12 midnight for 2 weeks straight and got up and had to be at work by 6am the next morning to do it all over again. I thought I could make it but it just seemed like I kept falling behind. I wanted everyone to have them in time for C3. Bring on the hate mail.

Seriously sorry....



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No worries John. My plane leaves at 2pm CA time tomorrow. If I have it by then, cool, if not, no big deal. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into this project. Now relax, and stop killing yourself.



Like a lot of people have said...we all appreciate the hard work and effort you have put into these rifles. We also understand all the RL stuff you have going on that keeps you extremely busy! Aside from that you made good on your promise and tried your best to get all rifles out to their owners hands on time...that's all anyone can ask of you. The hate mail thing......I wouldn't worry about. I say this because when the prospective owners, of said rifles, actually do get them they will not be upset anymore when they see what they are getting. Your work is outstanding and there aren't too many people who can claim to make a product so close to the real thing! Again thanks for doing this for all of us and breaking your back getting everything done :cheers .



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Well, I appreciate the understanding. I really do. I just feel badly that I didn't deliver for everyone. But enough about me....Let's see some happy pictures of you guys at C3 surrounded by hot chicks! LOL.

Seriously though. Thanks for understanding guys....


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Jango_Fett_Jr said:
Ohhh mama, I love my metal flash extension tube :D
No kidding, You should have just got a room with the thing! I think your girlfriend was getting jealous!