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Webley Rubber ESB EE-3 Blaster Interest Thread

ESB Boba Fett Blaster Run List
I am going to do a run of the ESB Boba Fett Blaster. It will be completely assembled and woodgrained if you'd like.

The run will be closed on 1-31-05.

Target price will be $350.00 each shipped to the lower 48 states. If I can get the number on the list around 18, I can drop pricing to about $325.00 each. These are estimated prices and they may be less once I start pouring the small parts.


ESB Boba Fett Blaster Run List: as of 1-24-05
Estimated $350.00 shipped to lower 48 states.
1. E2K13 - Fully painted
2. Jango_Fett_jr - Fully painted
3. Prymer13 - Fully painted
4. Laan - Fully painted
5. Gorman - Fully painted
6. Brak's Buddy - Fully painted - PAID
7. Hand Schaub - Fully painted - PAID
8. Slowmo - Fully painted
9. Jango's Kid - Fully painted - PAID
10. Got Maul - Fully painted - PAID
11. Seeker - Fully painted
12. Darksaber212 - Fully painted - PAID
13. BobaFettSlave 1 - Fully painted
14. Nerf-Herder - Fully painted
15. Vaovet - Fully painted
16. Faladius - Fully painted - PAID

Single parts:
1. MRFETT1973 - PAID
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Is the barrel hollow to allow us to install the chromed barrel parts for the ESB rifle? Or if not, can it be bored out without wrecking the casting?
That does look great! How much does it weigh cuz I know originals weigh a lot. What was the serial # of the one you cast? Just curious....
The barrel is not hollow although I will be selling the silver nitrate chromed flash tubes that will attach to this Webley very soon. The scope and connectors are in the process of being molded also.
I borrowed the real gun from a friend. He was nice enough to drive all the way down here from Sacremento. We clayed the real and molded and cast. I'm sure this has been molded before, it is a wonderful piece. You couldn't ask for a better hero to mold.
I know... that's what I meant...

Look familiar?


Same gun... only metal.
Yup - that place rocks!! I'm the blonde guy - Brian

Everybody - these rubber guns are the coolest thing to come around in a long time!! The Webley looks awesome!
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