Wearable Progress Pics (Custom)


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Well after some very late nights I can finally post some wearable progress pics. I had to photoshop out the blue in the jumpsuit on some of these since I haven't dyed it yet. Other than that it's all as is. Feels good to finally put some of this on. Still got quite a ways to go but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now...




Star Wars Galaxies can lend to a picture like this...


That's better. Episode III - The Darkside - Boba Fett?!


The face behind the mask :)
That looks INCREDIBLE!

Normally I'd be getting tired of the whole silver armour being used with customs, but this looks AWESOME!!

Way to go (y)
Very nice fittings ,the curves on the chest armor and everything else seems to fall in place properly.
.125 ABS. It took a lot of shaping to get the curves right. It's not perfect, but there is a good amount of curve to the pieces. I worked the angles from the top down, using the "V" shape on the collar as the starting reference point.
Excellent work so far!!! Love the helmet colors! The armor shape is really nice and well proportioned and sits really well on your vest- how is it attached? Love the shoulder insignia!
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