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I've been trooping my Custom Mando hard since May using the scratch-built Return of the Jedi style EE-3 Blaster carbine that I finished just a couple of weeks before my first troop. During this time my armour has been reugularly maintained with new paint as and when it needed it and replacement parts should the need arise. Yet the one thing that hasn't been touched is my blaster, until now....

The original (top of the picture above the then very unfinished ESB EE-3)

Whilst the blaster served its purpose and served it well, 19 odd troops have resulted in a blaster held together by more then its fair share of hot glue and a few verbal threats. With that in mind work receantly began on upgrading and repairing it, with particular detail given to adding... well... detail!




And finaly...



Wow thats really good. Ive been working on a DC-17 for a while and ive been looking for upgrades ideas. this is good... :p
Very Nice work there mate, i like how you made up the detail just under the stock. What did you use for it? i work in a pool shop, and we have this awsome stuff called emerkit, its a two part putty that after mixed together can be moulded and worked like clay, but dries as hard as concrete. this almost looks similar.
I used Milliput, it's a two-part epoxy putty that can be molded, sanded and drilled ect. and sets solid like rock. It sounds very similar to your Emerkit.
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