Major's (BH-7064) ESB Upgrades


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Thought I'd share some of the overhaul I'm doing to my ESB suit...... I've tracked down nearly all the found parts (I think)......

We'll start with the EE-3...

This is a beast.... it's a real Webley Mk1 No1. This was one of the versions that was nickel plated as they were by the US Navy back then. Thanks to a Gunsmith contact I have through my job, he was able to deplate the nickel and reblue the gun back to it's original finish. Also on the rifle is a real ASI 4x20 Scope and the clamps are real Maclow swimming pool clamps that have been heavily modified. Those are real Molex Connectors on the clamps as well. Next up, that is a real MPP flash tube has been weathered as well. Took me a while to locate one...... The V8 Parts on the barrel are the real deal, the greeblie underneath is RafalFett 3D Print.

On the stock, those are real AM Plugs, but the Center Greeblie is a RafalFett 3D print. Thanks to the awesome JBDubz, he provided me with the sling. It's been a long time coming, but this is finally ready. And yes, it's extremely heavy, about 15lbs.....

Enjoy and feel free to ask me questions if you have any.








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Woah impressive! I know Webleys pop up a few times a year but I don't recall seeing a MPP pop up! Looks awesome!


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I have a nickel plated Webley (two of them, actually), and on both of them, the brass grips are really bright. Did you do anything with the grips to tone them down?


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Beautiful build! I’m just missing the real MPP for mine (currently using a parks) for the known stuff.